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 My application for HF x2 server

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PostSubject: My application for HF x2 server   Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:25 pm

1.2006-2010 long time RUoff lurker here, dozen of private eu/ru servers and so on.
2. Cardiac
3. 23
4. Ukraine, GMT+2
5. 6-7 hours per day, can adjust to cp/clan schedule since I work from home.
6. I've been through bunch of different servers for the last year or so, but I can't really come up with clans or people that might be familiar here.
7. Was looking for a stable tag I can stick with, this seems like the one.
8. I guess I'm a team player. I've always enjoyed the syngergy between people that play together and share same goals and interests.
9. Not yet, but I'm looking forward to make a lot of new friends Smile
10. For sure, if it's needed.
11. I've been playing pw/sr a lot mainly and spent good amount of time as an sws. Guess I just love the elven race for it's self-independence  eff13
12. 8, maybe? I can't rate myself properly but I'm pretty much used to English through regular use of english-only web resources/media etc.
13. Sure
14. I believe I'm a helpful, responsible, open-minded and sociable person who has ambitions to be a part of something big.
15. Engineer-wannabe, who's always in search of new things to learn and try. Love my cat and to listen to jazz/jazzy hip-hop music.
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My application for HF x2 server
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