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 Elisha's application for H5 x2 server

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PostSubject: Elisha's application for H5 x2 server   Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:49 am

Hello, lets dig into that form shall we,
1. I play L2 since 2004, C3 at that time, mostly private servers, low to mid rates, retail only for half a year since it was free to play in 2011 IIRC.
2. Elisha (Im guy tho irl, its just I play female human always)
3. 26
4. Czech Republic, GMT +1
5. Im a student in 4th. year with not so much crowded schedule, L2 is my biggest ( beside my gf but psst) love, so Im willing to play the minimum of 4 hours, as you require, with ease.
6. Like I said many, many private servers, I dont recall all the names (RPG clubs, Dex, Cosmos etc.) or clan names, sorry on that.
7. Sounds solid clan with a professional approach.
8. I always start solo, but later in game Im trying to get recruited by the top clans. I imagined it would be nice to start in one from the very beginning, to build my name and prove myself as a worthy member.
9. No, I dont know anyone from the clan yet, but I consider myself as an easy going person, so making friends wont be hard.
10. I have classes like 5 hours in a week (not day a WEEK) so Im possitive I can handle waiting for RBs.
11. Since I always play human female mage and got bored of necro sorc. and played warlock only once, Im going to give it a try. Also, he is not so equip relevant and this is x2 server so Im fine with homo karmian till S lel.
12. I have a Cambridge certificate in English (FCE), I would say I speak fluent english.
13. Yep.
14. Warlock is always needed in fighters(archers parties later on in game, as for PVE or PVP! 
15. As I said before Im a student, I study law (4th year) and european law (finishing atm), easy going person with positive approach and loyal to people I play with.

If you have any other questions I am all ears.

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Elisha's application for H5 x2 server
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