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 Averia 30x - Sprintex Application ( Autumn )

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PostSubject: Averia 30x - Sprintex Application ( Autumn )   Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:14 am

1.Give all info about ur previous playing experience of L2 (which servers you played on and how long)
I have played on pretty much every server there is out there. Mostly H5 because it's the chronicle i like most. I played PvP servers, mid rate servers such as Saga, Tales, and i was always looking for a server with good files and different way for farming to get items (quest for sub,and farm getting harder after 78+mobs). I stood on saga for 6 months and became hero in the 2nd oly period. I played on tales for about 3 months and kinda left the server because that was way too donator and alot of fake people.
2.What is your name/ingame name.
My Name is Vlad and my IGN is Sprintex.
3.How old are you?
Im 20 years old.
4.Where are you from?What GMT + - are you?
Im from Romania, currently living in Canada, and my GMT is GMT-5:00.
5.How many hours are you available to play, from x hour to x hour?
Im available to play pretty much most of the day, like from 11PM in the morning to 12 AM in the night, of course, with 2-3 hours break for homeworks and study.
6.Previous clan and server?
Previous server was a random high rate where clan didn't even matter, but ive been waiting either destiny or averia to reopen a new server because I missed the start of a good mid rate server last time.
7.Why you want to join TeamZone?
Because im searching for an English good speaking clan that we can get along with and that is organized.
8.Will you be ready to play as a Team not just like a solo player(explain it)?
Yes, I will even create secondary char needed for CP and farm with them. If someone calls us for pvp we will be there as well as for raids and most important for farming gear in the beginning.
9.Do you know anyone from clan that can recommend you?
No, this is my first time applying for this clan.
10.Are you gonna be able to handle long camping of epic's (it knows to take up to 8 hours so that is the question)?
Yes. No problem.
11.What class are you playing, what lvl and gear has it?Why you are playing that class?
Iím playing GK after I made the transition from GH and then dominator, since thatís my best class and his gear is mostly vorpal light, and of course heavy foundation against fighters ( the best ) and eventually elegia light in future. I am playing that class because i personally think its the best in olympiad ( since that's what i enjoy the most ) and in PVP is pretty much like a titan, zealot + hawk + appetite + sos = u dead in 2 shots.
12.English knowledge?(from 5-10?)
13.Can you use Teamspeak listen and talk?
Yes of course.
14.Why should you be invited into the TeamZone?
Because im someone who doesnít drop out his clan mates and helps them in times of need, as long as thereís something equal to my help coming back from others ( not just me ).
15.Some info about you ?
Well, on the 1st†mid rate I played seriously I had to farm a little bit more to get hero, since GK was full donator and also his hero buddy DE summoner (ofc they were feeding themselves). Thatís why I obtained it in 2nd†period. But usually averia has good files and its not a custom server like many others, especially with the minimal donation rule this time. Thatís amazing! I have also made an Olympiad video with GK in 1st†period on 25x server which was l2 saga. I have the videos for the 2nd†oly video part where I got hero but manÖ.I wanted to make better effects than that so its gonna take a while before its release.

Lastly, have fun and see you in game!
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Averia 30x - Sprintex Application ( Autumn )
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