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 21 October - Upcoming x30

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PostSubject: 21 October - Upcoming x30   Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:03 am

- Lineage 2 came out 2003 in Korea, 2004 we had it on NA servers and Europe. Yes its an old game, but we still do play it, what I noticed and its for a fact true is that we are all much older then 10 years ago Very Happy, offc you knew that but what we didn't write here as a fact is that all of us now have less time to play, which means those who do still wanna play L2 should for sure chose mid rate server instead of low rate.

- So while having all this information I came to a decision we will have more people with us if we are playing more "casual" server and available/reachable for majority then to play as small group with dual boxes on rates that don't fit most of people that got jobs/school etc.

Here we are, and here is the suggestion!

Website: Averia main site
Exp: x30
SP: x30
Adena: x15
Drop: Chance x5; Ammount х1
Spoil: Chance x1; Ammount х5
Quest Reward: x3
Quest Items: x2
Epaulettes: x5
RaidBoss: х3

Averia Forum

For this server we are going as clan, we are having massive recruit in order to create International side which will stand equal to big Russian clans!


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PostSubject: Re: 21 October - Upcoming x30   Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:33 am

I'm thinking about to have some nostalgic and fun time on this server, but I dont have much experience in HighFive.
I was thinking about Phatom summoner but I dont know that it makes any sense to play with that class in HF cronicle, 30x server (parties?!)

Can someone give some advice?
(as second option thinking about an archer but maybe will be just the safe nuker pick)
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21 October - Upcoming x30
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