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 averia x10 aplication

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PostSubject: averia x10 aplication   Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:48 am

1.I play since C1 greek B&B
Mostly played on retail Teon, char name DeadKeNNy in top clan RedSky

2. Mariusz - DeadKenny or SirManiano
3. 26
4.GMT + 1 Poland - Warsaw Area
5. I can play during work time 10am-3pm and in the evening from 7pm
6.Teon - RedSky
7.I'm on your forum for a long time and wanted to play with you at least one time Smile
8. I love pvp and team pvp so it's better for me to play in team
10.Yes, did that many times
11.I can play archer or BD/EE
12. 10
13. Yes i can
14.Im good and rich player Very Happy
15.I have wife, run my own company so i have a lot of time for L2
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PostSubject: Re: averia x10 aplication   Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:51 am

If u are interested for playing EE ,come ts and we talk thnx Very Happy
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averia x10 aplication
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