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 Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)

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PostSubject: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Fri May 29, 2015 7:35 am

3 world projects are creating 1 game world & & Lineage2Dex

Detailed description High Five Hel x30 

Opening: June 12 19:00 (+3 UTC)
Server time: GMT +3
Assembly: High Five p5 OFF (Retail)

Hel [hel'] x30 - simplified classical game, game mechanics is according to official server. Qualitative rates plus some little changes for increasing interest to the game process, great emotions and long life are guaranteed!

  • Optimum balance HF PVP rates: х30
  • Best concept of 2015! Get the best features of PTS assembly
  • Balanced donations. Shop with S grade max
  • Unique lotter, adena and donation currency cashing, daily chance to get JACKPOT. Retention of adena's market on the necessary level and absence of devaluation of currencies on the server
  • Comfortable BBS
  • Auto loot
  • BBS Buffer - without 3rd proff buff!
  • Help system in case of lack of time for the game. While connecting to the game after long absence player will automatically get rune +30% rates for 3 hours
  • Offline trade
  • Tears of Luck - Encouragement for online time! Special server's currency, can't be traded. Giving to all players who are out of town in combat mode (1 coin in random period of time). For this currency you can buy different accessory, unique agathions, buff scrolls and some consumables.
  • Lucky Treasure Chest - You can find it during monster farming. When you kill it you can get Tearl of Luck and other useful things.
  • Unique pets Dota2
  • 4 ways to get 3rd proff and 3 ways for subclass and noblesse

Server description:

Attention! The concept of the game world may have changes, corrections and additions.

General rates:

  • Exp/SP: х30/30
  • Adena: х15
  • Seal stones: х10 (amount)
  • Drop: х10 chance; amount х1

    • Amount increases according to chance for: ATT stones, noble enhancement stone

  • Epaulettes: х5 (amount)
  • Spoil: х10

    • Amount increases according to chance for: resources, ATT stones, noble enhancement stone

  • Quests (ADENA reward): x5
  • Quests (EXP reward): x5
  • Raid Bosses:

    • exp/sp: x10
    • Drop х5
    • Raid Boss Tiat - according to official scripts Tiat drops only 1 weapon (neither vesper or icarus). It is rather poor drop for such strong RB thats why:

      • Weapon drop chance was divided into 2 groups. It means that you can get 2 weapons (1 versper and 1 icarus)

      • Added 2 drop groups of 83rd lvl spellbooks (Like Freya)

  • Epic Bosses:

    • drop chance/amount х1:
    • exp/sp: x10
    • exception: Queen Ant and Night Zaken 60 lvl - х1

Quote wrote:
Due to poor drop in some instances, drop groups were duplicated by several times. General chance is the same. This changes are valid for instances: Frintezza, Zaken (Night, day 60, day 83), Freya (not blessed), Baium, Antharas, Valakas

Extra changes of Epic and Raid bosses:

  • Respawn tim

    • Flame Of Splendor Barakiel - 12 hours
    • Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda - 12 hours
    • Antharas - 8 days
    • Valakas - 11 days

      • Valakas aggresive

    • Beleth - 7 days.
    • Epidos - 1 day
    • Baium - 5 days +4 hours (random)
    • Baium lvl is increased to 83
    • Queen Ant - 20 hours +4 hours(random)

Changes about CC entering to instances

  • Cohemenes, Ekimus, Tiat - minimum number of members in Command Channel - 27; maximum - 45
  • Night Zaken 60 lvl - Minimum number of members to enter - 36 members (not 72 like before)
  • Frintezza - Minimum number of members to enter - 18 members, (not 36 like before)
  • No limit for entering to Valakas (200 members limit on official server)

Quest rates:
Quests with x10 items drop rate:

  • Reed Field Maintenance
  • For a Good Cause
  • Take Advantage of the Crisis!
  • Expulsion of Evil Spirits
  • Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1
  • Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2
  • Supplier of Reagents
  • The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos
  • War with Ketra Orcs
  • War with Varka Silenos
  • Relics of the old empire
  • Gather the flames
  • Yoke of the Past
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension
  • Wings of Sand

Quests with increased reward:

  • Increased reward for 3rd proff - 3 codex, 25kk adena, х10 XP/SP
  • Seven Signs - Series of Doubt - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Dying Message - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Contract of Mammon - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Seal of the Emperor - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Sacred Book of Seal - XP/SP х3
  • Seven Signs - Embryo - XP/SP х7, Ancient Adena x3
  • Seven Signs, Girl of Doubt - XP/SP x3
  • Seven Signs, Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom - XP/SP x3
  • Seven Signs, To the Monastery of Silence - XP/SP x3
  • Seven Signs, Solina's Tomb - XP/SP x3
  • Seven Signs, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal - XP/SP x3

Pailaka quests: x2 exp/sp

  • Level 36-42: Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire
  • Level 61-67: Pailaka - Devil's Legacy
  • Level 73-77: Pailaka - Injured Dragon

Quests with reduced reward:

  • 1st + 2nd proff - x1
  • Relic Exploration - х1
  • Seductive Whispers: adena - х1, exp/sp - х5
  • Dangerous Seduction - х0,5
  • Alligator Hunter - х0,5
  • Warehouse Keeper's Ambition - х0,5
  • Bard’s Mandolin - 1000 adena!

Extra rates:

  • Amount of Energy Star Stone - х3
  • Amount of Extracted Compression Stone - х3
  • Siege flags - Number of HP/M.DEF/P.DEF is increased by 10 times
  • Hellbound Isle is opened from the beginning and has lvl 11

Extra drop rates for locations 
Delusion chamber - square - general rate - х1
Delusion chamber - Tower - general rate - х1
Tully workshop - general drop rate - х1
Individual RB drop rates

  • Game boxes - 3 boxes limit
  • On Gracia, near ship mooring, there is NPC Holy (trader, tax comes to Aden castle) and NPC Taurin (Warehouse)
  • MP potions restore 350 MP / 15 seconds
  • Auto learn skill Expand Trade lvl 6 from the beginning for Dwarfs
  • It is impossible to take our monster from circle in Lair of Antharas (they are teleporting to spawn place)
  • Auto loot. Command .autoloot on/off
  • Instant change of clan leader,without server's restart (on pts/off servers this features works only with restat but we make it real to do it without restarts).
  • Auction Item Broker available from the beginning
  • Items Blood Oath and Blood Alliance (9-10 clan lvl) can be traded.
  • Off-trade activation via .offline
  • Auto-learn skills till 80 lvl

    • Exceptions (You should learn it manual): Ressurection, Mass Ressurection, Boost HP, Fast HP Recovery, Acrobatic Move, Esprit

  • Auto-learn skill Expand Inventory in process of obtaining levels, since the 10th level

Beginner's equipment:

  • Standard NCSOFT set
  • Scroll of Resurrection - 5 scrolls
  • Newbie Package of Shots: No Grade
  • Newbie Package of Shots: D Grade
  • Newbie Package of Shots: C Grade
  • 1x mount (7 days)
  • Gift accessory according to your sex, with active skill firework.
  • Formal wear (14 days)
  • NG equipment sets

Community Board (Alt+b BBS Buffer - buff time 60 min. 

  • Separated buffs: All Buffs
  • Schemes Mage/Fighter all buffs have max lvl
  • Possibility to create your own scheme
  • Restore full HP/MP/CP in town, without combat mode, without flag mode
  • Time of buffs from other players according to official server

Mag set
Fighter set
Community Board (Alt+b has following services:

  • You can't use buffs during pvp
  • You can't use it on olympiad


  • Off-trade max time - 96 hours.
  • Trading near Gatekeeper in all towns is prohibited
  • There are defined trade zone in Giran and Aden.

Clan halls:

  • um bid for purchasing clan hall is increased by 10 times
  • Payment of rent clan halls is increased by 25 times

Seven signs:
Attention to the period of 7 signs!

  • Period - 7 days (4 days - Competition Period; 3 days - Seal-effective period)
  • Event period (registration period) starts at: Monday 18:00:00
  • Event period ends at: Friday 06:00:00
  • Seal period ( mammon period ) stats at: Friday 06:15:00
  • Seal period ends at: Monday 17:45:00

  • Sieges period 1 week.
  • Territory wars period 1 week.
  • Great olympiad from the opening

    • Hero status every Friday once per 2 weeks. Weekly points are added in Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday. So, 1st heroes will be in 14 days after grand opening


  • 1st proff - 1 adena
  • 2nd proff - 1.000.000 adena or 10 ToD
  • 3rd proff:

Way 1: Purchasing for 500 Class Cube Fragment : 2 times per hours you can get into Cratei Cube. (You can get there via usual GK to Fantasy Island) 76-79 lvls ( NPC Entrance manager ). This item drops from every monster in this location. (3 items from each monster)
Way 2: Purchasing for 150 ToD
Way 3: Purchasing for 25.000.000 adena
Way 4: Full quest
Way 1:Full quest

  • Ingredients you can find in shop for ToD
  • Ingredients you can find in shop for Class Cube Fragment.

Way 2: Purchasing for 300 ToD
Way 1: Full quest
Way 2: Purchasing for 1500 Noblesse Cube Fragment  :2 times per hours you can get into Cratei Cube. (You can get there via usual GK to Fantasy Island) 70-75 lvls ( NPC Entrance manager ). This item drops from every monster in this location. (3 items from each monster)
Way 3: Purchasing via BBS for 400 ToD
Installed extra combat zone on territories:

  • Room with Antharas heart
  • Lair of Antharas
  • Room with NPC Klein
  • Full way to Valakas heart
  • Lair of Valakas.
  • 13 - 14 floor TOI, from stairs
  • Baium's room.
  • Underground Lilith
  • Underground Anakim

Premium accout:

  • You can purchase premium via control panel on our site .
  • Premium account is activated on all characters.
  • Increases basic rates for 50%. Effects SP, Adena.
  • Bonus fame points х2.
  • Solo kamaloka .
  • With PA you will get Agathion from Dota2.
  • Increase weight limit х2
  • PC-Club points:

    • Each character gets 100 PC-club points every 5 mins. You can change it in NPC adventure Guildsman for:
    • Hats and accessory
    • Weapons and modification scrolls D, C, B, A
    • Positive effects for fighter / mage
    • Positive effects for pets
    • Teleports in some locations
    • Attention! S grade equipment and ride wyvern function were deleted!

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Join date : 2015-05-22

PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Fri May 29, 2015 7:36 am

3 world projects are creating 1 game world

Good day, dear friends!
Lineage 2  is a game which has really huge number of fans all over the world. Each player from any country has his favourite server where he can play in comfortable language conditions.
We also thought in that way but it's a time to break templates of Lineage 2 servers.!
Bring your attention! New and the most large-scale union in Lineage 2 History! Three the most huge and famous projects will create for you only one - united world - High Five Hel x30. Try not to be surprised!

In preparation for the opening Hel x30, in equal conditions take part:
I hope, I don't need to introduce our project =) Your modest friends who tries to present a smile on your gaming mind.

Or Lineage2Dex. Our old and faithful partners. One of the oldest and most famous projects in international community. Thousand players all over the world even once hear about this project.

A little drumbeat... We ask for love and favor! Our third partner who takes part in opening Hel x30!

Our new friends - Imperium! Biggest Project in Georgia territory. Great and very clever guys who has huge expeirence in server opening with 2000+ online numbers! All Georgia players are waiting for the moment when they can enter Hel x30 world! 

There is only one summer this yeart! Summer which you will never forget! Only hottest summer server Hel x30 will show you what does real Lineage mean!

Hel x30 & & Lineage2Dex
June 12 at 19:00 UTC+3
Don't miss hottest season of this year!

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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Fri May 29, 2015 7:37 am

Good day, my friends 
I have good news for you. We invited a new member to our team 

Solair is our newest member that has arrived here to help team with his ability to speak multiple languages including english, portuguese, spanish and romanian.
He is well trained and with him we will be able to offer a useful support granted to several communities that play on our server.

We hope that it will help all of you to master our project

Regards =)
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Fri May 29, 2015 7:38 am

Changes for Extra drop rates for locations 

Lair of Antharas 

Drake Warrior, Drake Scout, Drake Mage, Drake Leader, Knoriks:

  • Adena rate x5

Excluded and equated to the total rate of the server

  • Noble enhancement stone - chance x5, amount increases according to chance

  • All other drop from these monsters x1

Bloody Karik, Bloody Berserker, Bloody Karinness:
Drop chance of general group of Vorpal items - increased to x5

Excluded and equated to the total rate of the server

Seed of Annigilation (SoA)

  • ATT stones drop - x5 chance.

  • Mastery drop - x1

  • Drop/spoil chance of Vesper Weapon - x1.

All changes included on the basis of the test results
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:50 am

Dear future players of x30 Hel!

Open Beta starts on 7 of June at 17:00 (+3 UTC)

On open beta you will be able to:

  • Earn REAL money to your PayPal. Every day, from 19:00 to 20:00 3 unique items fall out from mobs in Kratei's cube. Each item you will be able to exchange for real  5 euro. So every day we will have up to 3 winners! A detailed description of this event on the open beta will be published early next week.

  • Become acquainted with HighFive OFF-Like assemblage and to test all the necessary mechanics

  • Explore the features of the game world Hel x30

  • Study our ingame store

When all the necessary links to configure the open beta client will be ready, we will post the new theme on the website and in social network. 

Stay tuned!

PS: One of the new loading screens for H5 Hel x30

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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:58 am

Dear friends, Open Beta Test for server Hel x30 kicks off June 7 at 17:00 (+3 UTC) 

We highly recommend the participation in an Open Test to anyone who is interested in the server. To study the concept of server before it's opening, to think through your initial development strategy and plan your start. You can test game classes in advance and make a choice by whom you will play. 

Everything you need to access the server:

Features of open testing: 

  • New characters start with a sufficient quantity of adena and ToD
  • The first character on the account will have level 85
  • Special cats are installed for OBT, cats can sell any equipment, raise the level, give the subclass and Nobless
  • All appear in Giran

What to do if You have lags?
If you have lags during playing on OBT, try to change the proxy. If the delay is not disappear, write me in Skype ostintm (smurf on avatar). We'll try to pick an individual proxy for you by the start of server. 

Warning: This is a test server, upon completion of testing there will be a wipe of characters (accounts will be preserved)

Hel x30 HighFive
The official opening will take place on 12 June at 19:00 (+3 utc)
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:22 am

Dear future players Hel x30!
The start of the OBT will be held on 9 June, 19:00 (+3 UTC)

We transfer the date of the OBT start in order to introduce some new elements for the server to make you feel confident and comfortable like during real start of server.

What will be done before the start of OBT:

  • Preparing of additional protection from DDoS attacks.
  • Realization of comfortable BBS. In the realities of PTS it is not easy to do, but we want the interface to be friendly and intuitive to players.
  • The implementation of PIN code system from official servers.
  • The introduction of captcha to protect from bots.
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Wed Jun 10, 2015 11:36 am

Good day, dear friends. During the start of Open Testing many players asked some questions and we are happy to provide answers:

Question: Why in the Alt+B doesn't work the store?
Answer: As you can see, the Alt+B is still under development, big red sign on the whole Alt+B tells you about this.

Question: What functions are available in Alt+B during the test period?
Answer: Such functions are available: buffer (without third profession buffs, to get it - visit Hel Buffer Support), change of profession, obtaining nobles and sub class.

Question: Where can I find a store that will be presented at the start?
Answer: The cat mr.Cat Shop presents the store.

Question: Where can I get everything needed for Open Testing?
Answer: You can get everything you need from Mr cat.Cat Test Server Helper

Question: Where can I get the full buff?
Answer: As already stated above, Buffer without buffs of third professions are available in ALB+B, the other buffs available at NPC Buffer Support Hel.

Question: Why doesn't work the restriction on windows
Answer: Because it's an open testing, where windows and stuff are needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:59 am

Dear friends! Hel x30 starts soon!

As a reminder, the opening will be held today, 12 June at 19:00 (+3 UTC)
We want to thank all players who participated in the Open Test. Thanks to all those who carried out the tests and helped us to make this game world.
OBT was not long, but has allowed us to refine the concept of the server almost to perfection! 

WARNING: EVERYONE should update the patch and updater (the old version will not work)! Before updating the patch, delete the System folder and add the folder of Lineage 2 in exclusion of antivirus program. 

Everything you need to start on the server:
Be SURE to prepare everything for the start of the game RIGHT NOW, do not procrastinate, during the opening there may be a problem with the web part of the project and you simply will not be able to register. 

Possible problems at the start and DDoS attacks:
We are 100% confident that someone will be prevent us at the start. We prepared as good as we can. We will control the start of the server together with you all. We will be in touch via site and forum, and in case of problems with them via Facebook (our Facebook).
Also Ostin and Lika will always be able to accept everyone in our Skype. 
Ostin’s Skype: ostintm (avatar smurf)
Lika’s Skype: lirusocial

We want to ask you, in the event of a problem, don't panic, panic is the worst possible thing that could be, even worse than any DDoS attack. We have enough specialists to solve any problems, all that will need from you is patience and trust.

What to do in case of lags?
At the start the protection of server will be running at maximum output, that is why some players may have lags in the game. If you have lags in the game, write in Skype ostintm (avatar smurf) using such form:
1. Game account
2. Location (City, Country) from where you play
We will help each player individually.

If you read this topic to the end, then we are sure you are 100% ready to start on Hel x30!

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable start, and a long and memorable game!
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PostSubject: Re: Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)   

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Hel x30 - High Five (This summer)
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