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 [H5] x30 8 May live start

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PostSubject: [H5] x30 8 May live start   Mon May 04, 2015 6:29 am

High Five x30 (Averia Files)

Basic rates the project: 
SP x30 
Adena: x20 
Drop: Chance x20; 
Number x1 Spoil: Chance x1 ;
 Number x15 Quest Reward: x5 
Quest Items: x5 Epaulettes: x15
 RaidBoss - x15 commands on the project: .cfg - to enable / avtoluta off / lock experience / off traders / no carrier .offline - offline trade .bot - report bot 
What will the store for coins? To get to the store can be in this topic. 
What is in store for Aden? Weapons, armor, jewelry up S grade, consumables, sharpening, jewelry. 
Will baffer? Yes, Alt + B does not include, buff cat, horse, gnome dance berserk and QC. 
What is the last buffs? 60 minutes. 
How many slots buff dance and song? 24 slots for buff for 12 dance and song, 6 slots for Triggers. 
Can I buy a profession? Yes, all professions available at Aden Alt + B.
Subclass and nobles? Subclass without quest activation of Aden Alt + B. On nobles complete the quest.
 Will there be autolearn skills? Yes, up to 80 levels. 
7 RB item is given to all or dobivshey party? dobivshey item is given only to the party. 
Will the banks mana? How much reduced and some pullback? Yes, there are. Restores 1200 MP, a rollback of 15 seconds. 
The first heroes and the Olympic Games? The Olympics is available from the start of the server during the Olympics standard - 1 month. The first heroes of June 1 2015. 
Will macros and lag shots? Yes, the macros are working in full, the lag shots using skills in the macro. Without the use of macro shots no lag. 
Mobs champions? No, mobs of Champions will be. 
Offline trade? Yes, available with 40 lvl. Shopping area Giran. 
Do game events? Yes, standard automatic TvT, LH, CTF, every 2 weeks copyrights.
 When the first siege and territorial war?First Siege 2 weeks after starting the server. The first territorial war immediately after the first siege.
 What is the maximum sharpening her a chance?16, the chance of sharpening dynamic, the higher edge, the less chance. 
Do Avtolut? Yes, we are not going to force you to bend over the loot there any limit on the window? Limit Window no. 
Open from the start whether the CB? Yes, lvl 11 to start the server. Premium Account: + 50% to all Reiten. 


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[H5] x30 8 May live start
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