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 [L2-OFF] (Preview) Interlude > GF > HI5 | L2ForFun 15x

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PostSubject: [L2-OFF] (Preview) Interlude > GF > HI5 | L2ForFun 15x   Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:17 am

L2ForFun is built for todays Lineage II community. Server lifetimes that do not evolve are very short now and this is why L2ForFun will evolve every 60 days. Starting at Interlude than evolving to Gracia Final, than evolving to High five.

The Goal Of L2ForFun

First and foremost is to bring back the fun to Lineage 2. The community as we know has become much smaller with server populations being older, with less time, and overall less people. This is why we are adapting the game to adjust for these things, and to focus the population into less areas of PvP. To do this we are doing things such as:

  • Decreasing the amount of castles to 4.
  • Decreasing amount of clanhalls
  • Cutting Raidboss and epic spawn times in 1/2 and setting random windows to +-2 hours
  • Setting castle sieges to be every weekend and cutting 7 signs cycle time in 1/2.

There will be more to come. Increased rates means everything in the server speeds up but most servers just increase a few things to match when in fact most things in the server should have their times decreased to match the increased speed of the game caused by higher rates. Our goal is to increase the speed overall of events in the server to match the rates boost and to also adjust for a smaller population. To see more about the server features please visit the page.

Events On Server Start

1. The Mind Grind

The first people to reach level 40 for each class will receive 1 Cgrade piece of armor of their choice.

The first people to reach level 61 for each class will receive a Cgrade weapon + SA of their choice.

The First people to reach level 78 and complete 3rd class (for each class) will receive a Tateossian earring (unsealed).

The first Noble on server will receive 1 Agrade weapon + SA of their choice.

2. The Medal Collector

All mobs in the world drop Event Medals and Glittering Medals. Glittering Medals are used to raise your "Event Level", each time you raise your level you unlock new and better items you can trade for Event Medals.

The GateKeeper Event

Event gatekeepers are next to normal gatekeepers in every town and offer teleports usually only available to Noblesse for only 50 adena.

L2ForFun Features

Platform - L2OFF
Chronicle - Interlude. All features and quests working.
Rates -

  • 15x XP
  • 15x SP
  • 15x Adena
  • Seal Stones 7x chance
  • Drops and spoils 7x chance
  • Raidboss 5x chance, Epics 1x chance

Black Watch. All bots including Adrenaline blocked or reported.
Dual Box - 2 active boxes + 1 offline shop.
DDOS Protection - 500Gbit/sec
L2ForFun Special Features
Server Evolution Interlude upgraded to Gracia Final after 60 days. Gracia Final updated to High Five after 60 more days.
PvPZones - All epic instances are changed to PvP zones.
Raid Spawn Times All raids including epics have their spawn windows reduced by 50% and all random spawn windows are set to +- 2 hours.
Castles There are only 4 siegeable castles. Giran, Rune, Aden, and Goddard. Castle sieges happen every weekend.
7 Signs 7 signs cycles run for 1/2 the usual time to accommodate weekly sieges.
First And Second Class Changes: For adena at class change manager.
Autoloot - Can turn on and off using .menu
Anti-Buff Toggle skill that blocks all buffs except those allowed.
Cursed Weapons Slightly increased drop rate. (disabled for first 7 days)
PI Few T-Rex added.
RaidBoss Drops 3x chance (Epics are 1x as on official)
Weddings Enabled Requires formal wear.
Offline Shop Free with .offlineshop
Olympiad - Feed protection.

L2ForFun Quest Modifications
These Quests Have 8x Chance @1x Amount
Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
A Powerful Primeval Creature
War with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with the Varka Silenos
War with the Varka Silenos
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2
Gather The Flames
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension
Legacy of Insolence
Relics of the Old Empire
Supplier of Reagents
The Finest Food

Gatekeeper Event

This events allows people to teleport to hunting locations usually only available to Noblesse for only 50 adena.

We Want To Hear Your Ideas

Have ideas on other things we should change to match with our idea please go to our post your idea!

We have not yet decided on a live date, but we expect it to be sometime withing the next 30-45 days.

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PostSubject: Re: [L2-OFF] (Preview) Interlude > GF > HI5 | L2ForFun 15x   Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:54 am

Its not a bad idea, hope you develope this good.


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!
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[L2-OFF] (Preview) Interlude > GF > HI5 | L2ForFun 15x
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