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 [l2J-INTERLUDE]L2 Euphoria Interlude CUSTOM PVP Server

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PostSubject: [l2J-INTERLUDE]L2 Euphoria Interlude CUSTOM PVP Server   Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:12 am
exp » x666
sp » x666
adena » x1
drop » x1
starting level » 80
enchant safe: +5
enchant maximum: +10
 normal scrolls max enchant (+5), chance (100)
 blessed scrolls max enchant (+10), chance (65%). if enchantment process fail previous enchant remain at the same level.
success rate: 100%, none-stuckable active/passive.
we throwed out lower quality augments, so since now every augmentation process bestow one of the most desirible augments.
 its way easier and much faster to gain your favorite one!
 available augments:
» hydro blast (active)
» hydro blast (active)
» prominence (active)
» celestial shield (active)
» wild magic (passive)
» focus (passive)
» shield (passive)
 » magic barrier (passive)
 » might (passive)
 » empower (passive)
custom dynasty armors
custom icarus weapons
custom underwears (tattoos) » sort of attributes against counter-profession
custom farming zones
custom bosses » random respawn
» maximum [31+4] available buff slots, buffs duration 3h.
» unique values, dedicated adena system.
» no quests class/subclass change.
» no weight/grade limits.
» unique class balance
Grand Olympiad
grand olympiad games calculate heroes every two weeks.
hero weapons are not augmentable/enchantable, but their p.atk/m.atk got increased up to level corresponding to leading weapons available on the server. additionally players can exchange previously selected hero weapon to another hero weapon, anytime they want as long as they are heroes..
useful and friendly commands
/stats shows basic statistics and active equipment enchant level of the selected target. since now, magic critical rate can be review!
/online shows how many players are currently playing on the server.

a.\ farming system.
since our vision of server its more about instant pvp/pk than anything else, we decide to implement an unique farming system, that will accompany our players all time during the game. each pvp/pk point will be rewarded and the received items will be treated as one of three value currency on the server.

typical entertainment based on adena, but leading strategy of market its associated with unique currency in order to improve server's market and trade system between the players, make it more comfortable and comprehensive.

b.\ instant rivalry between sanctions.
pvp zone with two conquerable locations where clans can clash against the others to hold the ground and every 20 minutes be able to capture the anomaly statue and gain clan reputation points as a reward.
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[l2J-INTERLUDE]L2 Euphoria Interlude CUSTOM PVP Server
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