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 [L2J-H5]Preview:L2Majestic x20

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PostSubject: [L2J-H5]Preview:L2Majestic x20   Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:01 am

Exp: x20
Sp:x20Adena: x15
Drop: x10
Spoil: x10
Quest items: 4x ( may some quests will have different rates - list will be posted soon )
Knight Epaulette:3x
Max-subclasses: 3 - Max level 85
 24 buff slots,12 dances/songS
Totally classic and retail gameplay.
Anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems.
 Autoloot adenas/herbs
 Offline trade enabled
Offline sell buffs
Auto learn skills
 Vitality system - improved rates
 Olympiad: 2 week
Masterwork items work
Global Gatekeeper
 Vote reward system
 All instances work 100%
 All quest work 100%
Safe: +4
Max enchant weapon: +16
Normal enchant rate: 60%
Blessed enchant rate: 60%
Attribute stones enchant chance: 40%
Element enchant chance: 30%
Team vs Team
Last Hero
Group vs Group
Fight Club
More Events Soon
.control  panel for your character
.password   change your password
.repair  unstuck a char
 .online  how many players are online - NOT FAKE Very Happy
.hellbound  check hellbound's level
.openatod + number  open the specific number you want
.offline   shop in offline mode
.premium   make your account premium
.getreward   use this command after you voted on all banners and receive your reward
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[L2J-H5]Preview:L2Majestic x20
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