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PostSubject:   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:46 am wrote:
Dear players! gladly presents its newest and most awaited PROJECT: Lineage 2 High Five x50 server
Server is based on the BEST files you can find, from the best team of "LostWorld".
Play with HUGE community with NO wipes, NO bugs and NO cheaters,
on the MOST powerful machine with a perfect database host and anti-DDos for a comfortable game without lags.

Features of our project:
- Minimized Donations (Premium Account, Jewellery, nick-change services / sex. Painting nickname, title.)
- Best possible files of High Five chronicles as close as possible to PTS official servers.
This quality you will not EVER find on ANY other server.
-No endgame gear for any donation!
-Our core Community consist more than 50,000 skilled and experienced players!
-Experienced administration that sacrificed over 4 years to perfect project.
-Protection against cheat programs, bots and clickers.
-Macros for cooldown of skill, operate according to the official server High Five part 5.
-Olympic Games is 100% RETAIL.
-All epic bosses, instance zones, castle sieges, territorial wars, forts, working according to the official server.
-All monsters, quests, stats, operate according to the official server.
Server Description :
EXP/SP x50
Adena x40
Drop x10
Spoil x15
Quest Reward x5
Quest Items х1-x5
Epaulettes x7
Alt + B service:
Buffer - 1 hour (will not have cat, horse, song of reflection, dance of berserk,gnome and PP buff)
Global Teleport - All Cities
- The store will not have: Attribute ( any ) \ crystal cheats \ Things above S80.

1 Profession - 150,000 Adena
2 Profession - 1,500,000 adena
3 Profession - 50 million Adena
Noblesse 300 donate coins or quest

free :- Enabling or disabling auto-attack skill after the team (. Action-off - to turn off ;. action-on - enable)
- Information about the group (who has a PA , the average count level , the opportunity to buy a player a Premium Account )
- Offline trade to sell buffs and items.

- Premium account (increases 1.5 times your rates )
- Paint nickname- Painting title
- Expansion of the warehouse
- Increased inventory
- Extension of the clan warehouse
- Change nick , Sex Change
- Change the name of clan
- Changeable pet name

Events :
Last Hero
Extra Events:
1x1; 2х2; 3x3; 2х2(for group) 3x3(for group); 9x9(solo and group) - all on olympiad stadiums.

Useful information:
To approach Frintezza you need at least 36 people in the CC (80-85 level)
To approach - night Zaken you require a minimum of 72 people in the CC ( 40-85 level)
- All other instant zones off
- Number of buffslots : for basic buffs 24 and under the songs / Dances 12. Duration buffs - 1 hour .
- You can save a set of buffs .
- There is auto-learning skills (but auto-learning books 81 + not all books are available in the alt + b store)
- The study of transformations available without the need to complete the quest
Offline trader must have at least 61 levels and 1,000,000 Adena to use the command .
OfflineHellbound - open and has the 11th (maximum) level .

Epic bosses respawn time :
Antharas - 8 days ( 1 hour)
Valakas - 11 days ( 1 hour)
Baium - 5 days ( 1 hour)Beleth - 8 days
Queen Ant - 23 hours ( 1 hour)
Core, Orfen - 36 hours ( 1 hour)

LIVE: 6 September 16.00 GMT+0 or 20.00 MSK
From what I c its L2J


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