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 PW 85 wanna joinT)

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PostSubject: PW 85 wanna joinT)   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:23 am

1.Give all info about ur previous playing experience of L2 (which servers you played on and how long)

+/-9 years with breaks for real life. Dexternet wrath x9 / Nanna,  Rpg club x5 / merge, SW, AdenaGate, RUoff - rly short, EUoff, PLoff, Dragon x15 / tarantula, L2 INC - pvp server. How long? who know it, a lot of changes .

2.What is your name/ingame name.

Bartosz / Sukizo

3.How old are you?


4.Where are you from?What GMT + - are you?

Poland GMT+1

5.How many hours are you available to play, from x hour to x hour?

18-24 Dayly / more in weekends

6.Previous clan and server?

Usually our clan FinalFate but its ended...

7.Why you want to join TeamZone?

There was a time when Dexternet wasn't russian clan but internationl.. but unfortunately now its 90% russian so i am looking for international clam. hard to read cyrulyca)

8.Will you be ready to play as a Team not just like a solo player(explain it)?

l2 is team game, w/o you can just bot..

9.Do you know anyone from clan that can recommend you?

ED - i meet him at hallate, he is realy nice, cheers mate!

10.Are you gonna be able to handle long camping of epic's (it knows to take up to 8 hours so that is the question)?

i cant promise it, schools ends long time ago so i need to work , depends of time.

11.What class are you playing, what lvl and gear has it?Why you are playing that class?

PW 85 all cert done + nobless, vorpal leather set (need just few att), dual skull edge daggers 300 +4, i was playing years at daggers classes, Hero th / hero pw / hero ee / hero bp

12.English knowledge?(from 5-10?)

7-8 dunno i am not teacher Razz

13.Can you use Teamspeak listen and talk?

I can't play w/o it.. so yea i can Smile

14.Why should you be invited into the TeamZone?

you need ppl and i heard a lot of your clan that you playing at all bigger servers.

15.Some info about you ?

Play with me so you will know me. Cheers Smile
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PostSubject: Re: PW 85 wanna joinT)   Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:23 pm

Sounds very good, these kind of people we need more. Cya in game!


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!
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PW 85 wanna joinT)
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