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 Hi I'm Skippy

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PostSubject: Hi I'm Skippy   Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:36 am

1.Been playing this game since C4 with some pauses
       ~2007-2008 L2 Revenge
       ~2008-2009 L2 dex (Various short term servers they opened ranging from mid to high rate)
       ~2011-2013 L2 Offi ( Shilen Server )
 2.The name's George  / Skippy IG
 3.I'm 21
 4.I'm from Romania/GMT +2
 5.At this point I guess I can play ~4-5 hours since I'm on vacation (from 9-10 AM - 10-12 PM with breaks )
 6.L2 Offi ( Naia ) EQ clan
 7.I would like to join here because the guy that sent me here seemed friendly and  had kind words regarding the community 
 8.You don't live very long on this game playing solo
11.I just started playing on Dex's 30x High5 ,atm I'm 61 but leveling won't be a problem , AW ( been playing only Daggers , the only one I enjoy and will ever play)
12.10/10 (I study in english huehue)
14.At this point anything I say can be put to doubt so I'm just gona say I don't rage , like trolling around , kinda,sometimes , as long as people don't jerk me around it'll  be fine.
15. I like playing sports and staying out of the comfort zone ,I like to read , basically things that stick with time.
  That's that , I'll see you peeps IG !
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Hi I'm Skippy
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