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PostSubject: Raiderz   Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:29 am

Quote :

You have been selected to join the chosen circle of brave
adventurers already on the hunt for bloodthirsty monsters in the
RaiderZ closed beta!

Here are three keys for you and your friends:

code 1 free
code 2 free
code 3 free

To join in on the hunt, simply click on the following link to redeem
your key:

Afterwards, you will receive another email with further details
about your participation in the beta. In the official forum, you can
interact with other participants, provide feedback, or make
suggestions for improvement, all of which will play a role in the
further development of the game.

Link to the RaiderZ-Forum:

Here is some additional information about the beta:

1. What is a closed beta?
During the closed beta phase, we test the functionality of the game
with a large group of players. The closed beta version of the game
is not yet completed, and therefore with your participation, you
have the chance to add your own suggestions for improvement!

2. How long with the closed beta last?
The RaiderZ closed beta will take place from the 9th until the 29th
of August.

3. Can I carry my character over to the live version of the game?
Unfortunately not. After the closed beta is finished, we will delete
all characters in order to ensure equal starting conditions for all
players when the game goes live.

4. May I talk about the game openly?
Absolutely! Tell your friends about it, interact with other players
in the forum, or report on the game in your blog – we’re interested
in any and all feedback you can give us!

Unleash the Hunter within!
If someone want to try out this and not joining us on gw2 yet it can ask me for Beta key i got 3 of them free as you can see in post.


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