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 Guild Wars 2 Giveaways on European Fansites

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PostSubject: Guild Wars 2 Giveaways on European Fansites   Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:33 am

Hopefully you have followed all our recent news and know that the long awaited Guild Wars 2 will be released on the 28th August 2012. As you all know, our Collector’s Edition is very special (and quite limited). We managed to hold on to a few of these and have teamed up with many fansites in in Europe to help us give them away.
We wish to take this time to thank you once again for the continued support you have shown us throughout development. Guild Wars 2 wouldn’t be what it is without the help of you—our community. Each of these fansites have come up with their own contest, and each in turn have their own rules and guidelines to follow. They each give you the opportunity to win Standard or Collector’s Editions of Guild Wars 2.
If you wish to participate, simply visit the links listed below and read how to take part and let your creative juices flow!
Good luck!
GW2 Journal
Dragon Season
GW2 South Africa
Dragon Season (Greek)
GW2 Sverige
GW2 Nederandstalige
GW2 Variance (Hungarian)
GW2 Poland (
GW2 Slovenija
GW2 Türkiye
Please also keep your eyes out for contests coming from:
GW2 Romania
GW2 Norway
GW2 Danmark
GW2 Fans
GW Online
GW2 Fan Blog (Poland)

Good luck.
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Guild Wars 2 Giveaways on European Fansites
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