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 Old L2 memories~~

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PostSubject: Re: Old L2 memories~~   Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:51 pm

Funneh chat n PK memories featuring tasty CAKES,damn hero cake is best tho ;D
Vest sometimes sounds smart....even he is amazed by that xD
Pay attention to titles....freakin Ninja party xD
Random stuff~~
Pro karma is pro-beat it! xD
Our fiercest rival in pagan crown Shan as PaganQueen xD
It takes only to kill 3 rooms of ppl for a cake all for urself ^^
PK'd some nabs 4 cake so they came in more numbers...AW, PW full s + 2x ee79 = 2v4......easy ^^(I pkd them 2 ee's for cake,check the karma screen back there) xD
''Take cake and go to next room,its simple'' coming from a hero rofl even heroes afraid 2 flag me QQ,apparently pkin and taki ncake is even more easy according to me ;D
So he came back while I was still red with BEST StormScreamer of server aka Slush( u can see his silhouette on the ground as he clicked''to town in same moment as screen was taken)
ROLLED? Yes I'd say so aswell..^^(ofc was 9v9 for u special ppl that may think that all thats seen on screen was all we fought xD)
Fun in HB^^and let's not forget the FEARSOME ROCK of HB xD

Hope ya guys had some fun scrolling thr this ;D I sure did.
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Old L2 memories~~
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