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 2nd Beta Weekend (8 - 10 June)

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PostSubject: 2nd Beta Weekend (8 - 10 June)   Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:07 pm

Our Second Beta Weekend is Here!

Join the MMO Revolution this weekend!

Unite with thousands of players around the world for another weekend of action-oriented combat, intense World vs. World warfare, and gripping personal storylines in the most anticipated online role playing game of the year.

Free Gems for Every Beta Player

Each account that participates in the Beta Weekend Event is eligible to receive 500 free gems that they can use on whatever they like in our in-game Gem Store during the weekend. Those who enter their credit card information on our secure in-game website will receive 2,000 free gems!

Your 500 free gems will appear in your character's inventory when you log-in, just ready to be spent!

To redeem your 2,000 free gems, just follow these steps: Log in to Guild Wars 2 once the Beta Weekend Event has begun on Friday, 8 June 2012 at noon PDT (GMT-7).
Open the Gem Store through the commerce icon on the upper left corner of your screen, or by pressing the "O" key on the keyboard.
Select the link labeled "Buy More Gems" in the Gem Store.
Select the Beta Special option.
Enter your valid credit card information - don't worry, you won't be charged!
Confirm the transaction. A hold of 1 may be placed on your card, but you will not be charged.
Spend your gems on any items in the Gem Store, or trade them for gold through the in-game currency exchange.

Each Guild Wars 2 account is eligible to redeem free gems only once during our
8-10 June Beta Weekend Event. Gems redeemed during the Beta Weekend Event are for use during the event only and will not carry over into the game after launch.
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2nd Beta Weekend (8 - 10 June)
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