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 Story - Aden land

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PostSubject: Story - Aden land   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:12 am

Aden Castle Town is the political, cultural and religious center of
the Continent and same named kingdom. Priestess Flawnee reminds about
sacrifices of the saints, which allowed this city to exist. This city is
full of splendor: they beleive elegance always costs. It seems there
are many people here, but it's only seems. The city is too near to
Elmore and people fears to live here.
Master Sedrick, the founder of Sedrick's Academy on Talking Island, is
the leader of Fighter Guild. Magic Guild of Aden, according to Magister
Desmond, will soon surpass the powers of Ivory Tower.

Living here Dark Elves advice not to succumb to the charm of
beautiful streets and buildings.
"The most beautiful flower bed of colors often hides the snake's lair.
Maybe you'll learn everything about this city. "(c) of the Grand Master
In fact, the Dark Elves there is great amount of truth in these words.
Merchant Holly reluctantly tells us about the lawlessness taking place
in the city.
According to her, some of the aristocrats and the military people
conspire the uzurpation of the throne (hints of the clans: as when the
server starts the King of the castle of Aden is Amadeo Cadmus) and
ensure his authority in the city. Because of the unrest in the city, the
country is again full of mess and strange stuff. Therefore, Humans have
asked the Lord of the Flame Kekei to assist them during times of
trouble. The Orc Ancestor Martanikus from the Cave of Trials and Antout
of tribe Duda-Mara said that it was somehow connected with the "Eternal
Winter" and it was the only thing that can strike fear into the heart
of the Orcs. And gnomes living in Aden are alarmed by an increase in the
number of orders for protection from the Aden Guard.

Temple of Aden is considered as one of the most beautiful
buildings in the state. By the legend its construction took several
decades from the Dwarf artisans from Schuttgart and elegant decorations
Had been made by hand of the Elves.


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!

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PostSubject: Gludio   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:17 am

The Town of Gludio is the biggest realm of Humans' Aden
Kingdom. Yet a few years ago it was attacked by another Humans' Kingdom,
Gracia. Big part of this realm was totally burned. Since old times
humans have been fighting each other in bitter, endless wars. Ruins of
the Town of Gludio have become dangerous and are full of undead.
Meanwhile there are giant insects hiding in the south.

The Town of Gludio is situated near the big castle, ruled by Ramsheart. The town was build with the castle by king's order, so its history is not so big, but it's bigger than Gludin Village's. The Town of Gludio is located near Town of Dion and Elven Forest, so there are many voyagers in there.


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!
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PostSubject: Re: Story - Aden land   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:26 am

The Town of Goddard is many brave heroes' motherland. Also
it's a researchment center. Long time ago it had been built by orcs as a
defence keep, but now it's Human Kingdom's military busyness heart.
You haven't undervalue natives just because they live on the rather wild
realm, says Great Magister Halester.
In fact, more they suffer, more learning thirst they get. It's not just
theoretical knowledge - it's an effective survival way. The town is
divided on two levels. Lower level contains houses, shops and different
guilds. Elite houses, Clan Halls and the temple are on upper level.
Elite is not so liberal as in Aden. They seriously relate strangers and
don't allow all in a row to visit upper level, but a traveller should
have no problems.

An influential Warrior Guild exists here. Some time ago they
reluctantly provided space for the church of Einhasad. The temple's
building is placed into a vast mountain, from which's top you can see
Aden Castle's spire sparkling in the Sun.

It's very hard to keep peace in such uncalm city. There is no day
some stranger appearing here and spoiling everything. Dangerious
monsters are lurking around. Riches complain on unsafe life here.

Everybody are trilled by rumors of war between Varka Fawns and Ketra Orcs and by gossips about fire dragon Valakas' awakening.
Powerful fire energy heats all this area. It's cause is the volcano on the north, says Magister Alminas from Magic Guild.
Only the best fighters gather in Goddard, thinks Master Burnhard.
They are famous because of their exellent tactical efficiency. They are
much better than southern pride useless bastards, who tells something
about "Knighthood". Goddard's army is powerful, hardened by rough
terrain and wild animals.
Magister Kamilen says that people calls Goddard War Town or Fortress.
But despite that Elmore is defeated country and Goddard is the exact
place the kingdom was defeated. Goddard is the land of war and fire,
ensures us Pontific Aclane
of the Orc's Guild. Here blood boils just like magma of northen
volcanos. Soon the time of famous Paagrio warriors' battle will come.

This icy air is perfect for hardening of steep. Blazing
fire and icy air are everything needed for good and tuff steel! The
conflict of the opposites hardens.
- Chief Blacksmith Noel remarks. The best armor is forging here because of Black Anvil Guild's blacksmiths. The best weapon shop is in Goddard, says Merchant Leon.

Yet Kamael people thinks that the town is under black aura like a
lake under a cloud of fog. They sence great Evil - the shadow of hate
and vengeance lurks on the streets. Here a slaughter can begin in any

Saint Agness,
Eva's servant, lives here. Many people comes to bow to her. Yet gossips
say there were Shadow Piligrims, Gren Kaine's servants near the town.
Natives are concerned by their appearance.


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!
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PostSubject: Re: Story - Aden land   

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Story - Aden land
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