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 PRO Bots (Balkan Teams)

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PostSubject: PRO Bots (Balkan Teams)   Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:05 am

Pro zbot ( Balcan Teams ) by me
Hi guys, i present to you the new pro zbot pack, now balcan teams whit new line ups!

Pack installation:

It's to easy, first you have to download default zbots in link below:;4427490;/fileinfo.html

After you download it, open download file with winrar, and then copy folder cstrike and paste it on you'r counter-strike folder ( C/Program Files/Steam/Steammaps/yourname/Counterstrike/csstrike/ ).


After you download it, do same thing like with default zbots.

Pack in game:

Now launch counter-strike, and create game with 12 max players.
Then, type in you'r console the config of teams wich you want to play, for example "exec ppt.cfg" (pussypatrol team will be on ct side, and then "exe tegct.cfg" (teg team will be on t side).

Here are the config of teams of pack, and how to put them in game:

dmg gamers beograd ( LAZiN. F1QS, rok1, WuLa, Arm ) dmgt/dmgct
doom gaming ( spyleadeR, splinter, d0lzen, HOWDEN, milenk0 ) doomt/doomct
deep inside ( boss, DUKYNHO, KOJAN1, sale, zomA ) dpst/dpsct
eletronic frag ( holmes, dimke, soul, deik, trigy ) efragt/efragct
ENTiTY ( kalan, NENO, helius, N1GHTMARE, osama ) ent/enct
Game Makes Soldiers ( rus, shoka, Zile, N0sfe, MASTERHOOD ) gmst/gmsct
HeadshotBG ( minko, shEMETA, pNshr, bubble, geko ) hsbgt/hsbgct
IGG ( eXIt, sonic, tALAZIz, Wicked!, jasoN ) iggt/iggct
infected nation ( kGR, 1NTEL, DJOXIC, emi, kassad ) int/inct
Krik Besnog Pileta ( HogaR, eror, IVCHON1, sHALITRA, Lotta ) kbpt/kbpct
KGB CM STORM ( BUX, YOCA, dZONI, m4L1, Urosh ) kgbt/kgbct
6pack ( COKOLADA, PRiMA, iNDES, 430, h1p ) 6pt/6pct
maksnet ( dav1d1, juricM, nIKOLINHO, JORDAN, SHEV ) mnt/mnct
nbk.RO ( sonic, paul1ca, andrew, rappy, cre8 ) nbkt/nbkct
neXtPlease! ( manN1, JustinSane, PusE, Jx, MMb ) nextpt/nextpct
PANCEVO Knights ( unnamed, kecman, MadMan, sQULE, eEvAN ) pakt/pakct
Pussy Patrol ( egzekut0r, shok1ca, axeler4, MASiNA, Zeus ) ppt/ppct
saints ( Prodeunt, ruy, ven, jeKo, ros ) sait/saict
SELECTED ( Gigi, OK, pedjaR, seven^, Pandemonium ) selt/selct
TeG ( beet0n, k1d0r, DaNy, SNAPPLE, WHitE ) tegt/tegct
TeamWork ( DEv, smilee, kic$i, fi14, miniB ) twt/twct
Volgare ( rmL, twist, kHRIS, spinner, niuk ) vot/voct

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PRO Bots (Balkan Teams)
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