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 L2 Epilogue quest

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PostSubject: L2 Epilogue quest   Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:31 pm

OK since i think you dont know a lot about epilogue
i will resume some quest here to prouve you that S recipe quest is not so important as before

Pi / FOG :
You all know its 1000/1200 item for S weapon recipe

Quest lvl 5 ally + 750/2500 for Random recipe S armor

Epilogue new quest : 5 Zone have open with each spot special class

PI : Special Mage zone : Mobs weak again magic (1 shot with AM full atribute)

Quest reward : S80 Robe armor recipe set (you choose it its not random):
400 bone : Tunic 360 : Stocking 197 : Boot/glove/helmet 157 : Sigil
S80 part : Spoil in new epilogue zone

S80 Weapon recipe : 500 item (you can choose)

Den of Evil : Melee special zone (all mobs is weak melee,low pdef,resist magic)

Quest reward : S80 Heavy / light armor recipe set /weapon (not random)
Same as PI

Field of silence/wisper :
quest reward : jowel s80
no more info for now since all server dont have it working

giant cave : Special zone for elemental stone : all stone drop there
Quest : no info none server have it working

Mitril mine : special zone for key s80 mats
quest : no info

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PostSubject: Re: L2 Epilogue quest   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:41 pm

but may be it wont be that easy to lvl up to 80
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I am gelly!
I am gelly!

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PostSubject: Re: L2 Epilogue quest   Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:05 am

niki wrote:
but may be it wont be that easy to lvl up to 80
That's true but with DC set and AM you can do a lot(really a lot) and then u just go farm s80 sets..I like it tbh. Very Happy
+ We can easily lvl up there while farming cause exp is good..
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PostSubject: Re: L2 Epilogue quest   

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L2 Epilogue quest
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