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 Global announcement:

Website down and probably lost

Hello everyone, many years passed and I kept the up and running, managing and adding content.
Well this summer I didn't have enough money on Visa I wasn't back on time to add funds and site is now lost due to fact they are asking 150 euros to do restoration on it. There was allot of content on it, for sure worth restoring, sadly I was barely keeping up with monthly 7 euros hosting and yearly domain so this 150 euros I cannot pay, if people are willing to gather the money together to restore it it would be nice, it got to be done until end of this week, if not well I did...
by SplichO - Comments: 2 - Views: 204

Dear friends!
We have good news for connoisseurs of the Low-Rate concept, we plan to launch the High Five x7 server in August and we need your help in choosing the right date, there is an opportunity to open on August 4 - then we will actively advertise today, SMS / Email allows you to assemble thousands of people in a short time, personally I see a plus on this date that you can make the first heroes on August 15. The second option is to open the server a little later - on August 11,...
by SplichO - Comments: 14 - Views: 384

Hello everyone!

In this email I am specially trying to reach old crew of Team Zone which would be interested on joining new server that got open by its official and it wont be wiped, etc...
I would really like this see old crew people thinking on joining back the game, we had allot of fun periods in past and I know many of you are hit by duties, age, obligations toward family etc.
Wining castles, fighting for epics, fight for farm spots, doing this together and...
by SplichO - Comments: 4 - Views: 417

 Global announcement: [ Poll ]

Vote and help us decide!

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since we had an topic about new Lineage 2 server!

This time we have on mind a long run server for all those who prefer High Five Chronicle above any other!

You know that every server project promises "stability" long run, well not many of them offers this. This is due the cost of keeping server up and running and as everyone knows many players join with a goal and its in human nature to leave the server due to disappointment...
by SplichO - Comments: 3 - Views: 78

 Global announcement:

Team Speak - Official


Name:Teamzone ::Gaming


Password: noplace4noobs

Secondary TS3 for other games a side of L2: join any time!
by SplichO - Comments: 43 - Views: 5833

 Global announcement:

Upcoming Lineage 2 Project

Hello everyone, I will try to make it shortest as possible.

- We are gathering Lineage 2 players for upcoming projects of Lineage 2, plan is to reach 5+ stable constant groups
- The Chronicles in which we plan to move on are High Five
- The rates of servers are lowest x5 and highest x30 this will depend on server files and donation system
- Each CP would need to be part of "machine" which means all 5 groups will have their role in clan
- CP member count is preferred to be 11 (9+2 drivers), but this depend on each CP organization how will they handle...
by SplichO - Comments: 7 - Views: 607

 Global announcement:

Raid Call

Hello everyone,

Since the big problems with stability of TeamSpeak3 we decided to switch on Raid Call which is also more friendly when it comes to payment :)
So get following things and connect on our server:
- Team Zone ID: 6429609

In case that this wont be best solution, we will think about Razer Comm or going back to Ventrilo.

Best regards, TZG Team
by SplichO - Comments: 7 - Views: 1904

 Global announcement:

Gaming Club

Hey guys, most of you noticed I was busy and away lately and here is the reason :)

Like it, share it :)etc
by SplichO - Comments: 3 - Views: 858

 Global announcement:

Live Stream?

Hello everyone,

We mentioned live streaming in the past as option to promote our community, main problem was there was no1 willing to keep the stream up at same game for few hours. So now i will make few questions and i expect to see response from our members.

Name the games and the content from the game you would like to see at our stream?
So what you are asked to write is, name of the game and what kind of stuff would you like to see from specific game you would want to see on stream, is that an Epic raid boss from MMORPG, or is it ranked games on LoL,Dota2, maybe you...
by SplichO - Comments: 27 - Views: 1899


Rezultati na
Sto se tice turnira u planu je projekat pod nazivom "Prva Crnogorska CS LAN Liga". Uskoro cemo objaviti vise informacija.

Svima cestitke

Specijalne Pohvale ekipama :

by SplichO - Comments: 0 - Views: 1040

Igraonica Twilight :

13. jul broj 2, iza TQ zgrade kod perionice i cistionice "Pingvin" pored BSP Zgrade.

Igraonica Cybershark :

Kod srednje skole , u Sportskom Centru Budve. Nekada se tu nalazio kafic "Sekspir".


19555 - Hello taxi
19717 - Terae taxi
19696 - Taxi

Hrana :

Kod Igraonice Twilight : Mega Market (Grickalice i sokovi) , Good Food (Pekara) , Skolijera (Fast food).

Kod Igraonice Cybershark : RG Market (Sada Mega Market)...
by SplichO - Comments: 0 - Views: 1372


Group A (Igraonica Twilight) :


Group B (Igraonica Twilight) :

* Chesco
* No.F.

Group C (Igraonica Cybershark) :

* G team
* BR5
* MiBD

Group D (Igraonica Cybershark) :

* GameSense
* Reverse
* Showtime
by ZEEERYX.dgb - Comments: 0 - Views: 1561

Quote :
Najavljujemo lan koji ce se odrzati 20. i 21. Januara u igraonici Twilight u Budvi:

- Igraonica se nalazi : ul. 13 jul 2, iza TQ centra
- Datum: 21. i 22. Januar, 2012 godine
- Max br ekipa: 16
- Uplata: 50e
- Turnir se igra na 20 racunara
Slike igraonice:
Uplate po dogovoru, moze Ziro racun i na dan turnira
by SplichO - Comments: 5 - Views: 1877
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